Tahoe Rim Trail – first day of my birthday hike

I asked for a good hike to celebrate my 40th birthday. For a while it seemed uncertain, with Ann’s work situation changing and dates impossible to pin down. Then suddenly we were bagging food, packing packs, and finding friends to give us rides. Next thing I knew our friend Nick was dropping us off on Mount Rose pass!

Nick drops us off

The first mile was odd, with smoke from some unknown fire in the west and a brief section walking on the shoulder of the highway.

Road section toward smoke

Once on the trail we find we’re expecting good views of Lake Tahoe, but views to the east of Lake Washoe surprise us.

Crystal Bay

Washoe Lake

Likewise we expect big trees and forests, so open sage meadows above Marlette Lake are a treat.

Marlette Lake

Dylan on the trail

The trail seems almost absurdly friendly, with signs assuring us that we’ll have water at our campsite.

For all your hydration needs

Bear boxes are even supplied for yoga stunts.

Bear box headstand

I’m digging it.

Dinner sounds good

We know the miles of terrain in the coming days won’t be easy, but after day one we know that whatever we find will be different from what we imagined.

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  1. Guys – this looks like a beautiful trail. I still harbour deep urges to come and walk in the US…think I will just keep watching you lot and take my pick of the best! xx

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