McCarran Run Number 2

This run felt harder and slower than the one this morning, but I was actually faster. Probably because I wore the Vibrams. I did the same run backwards, but I did not arrive home in pre-run condition as hoped. Must have been the little course deviations I made near the bridge.

I can tell that my RTO leg 3, probably sleep deprived, is going to be a SLOG. Woohoo, one week from tomorrow!

2 responses to “McCarran Run Number 2”

  1. Ah, you have to actually run backwards to undo the effects 🙂

    That relay run looks fun. Knowing you Dylan, you will over-train. Start tapering off soon! Keep those legs and knees in good shape. You will perform just great on the day.

  2. Of course! It will be difficult not to try a backward test this week…

    I’ve been meaning to look up pre-race week recommendations. Now I have one! Taper off. Will do 🙂

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