Lake Tahoe Gathering and Vikings

Ann’s parents have an invitation from a cousin to use their cabin for the weekend – a boon for sure. We coordinate this with a visit from my dad and Sarah to create a small family gathering.

I stop with Ann’s parents Bob and Carol at the great overlook on the Mount Rose Highway.

Bob and Carol at the lake overlook

Soon enough we’re all at the cabin.

We arrive at the cabin

As our first outing we head to Emerald bay in blissful weather.

Bob at Emerald Bay

We hatch a plan to take Dad and Sarah’s folding bikes down the Vikingsholm access road, until we see the “no bikes” sign.

Prepared to hike to Vikingsholm

The dock in front of Vikingsholm provides a nice snack spot before we look at the mansion.

Carol and Ann

Dock Headstand #3


Bob and Carol


Vikingsholm Symbol

Vikingsholm back entrance

Dad, Sarah, and I continue to lower Eagle falls.

Dad at Lower Eagle Falls

As a last exploration some of us head up towards upper Eagle falls and Eagle lake.

Bob and Ann

Father and son chow down

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