Happy Vernal Equinox from Mt Rose

My colleague Jason at Vernal Creative made sure to wish me a happy vernal equinox. It took me a minute to realize how much this first day of spring symbolizes so many things that I enjoy and try to promote in life. Thanks to Jason for that, and happy vernal to you.

In another good turn of fortune, my friend Mike invites me for a dawn backcountry ski. It seems like a perfect celebration of the vernal. I meet him and Vanessa, Mark, and Owen at 6:30 for the party. The mountain smiles on us all with very nice conditions.

High Point View


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One thought on “Happy Vernal Equinox from Mt Rose

  1. Fantastic morning out there. Thanks for stomping on all of those pesky snowflakes, making the way up a lot easier for the whole crew!

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