Mount Rose Tour

Mike, a friend from the Reno Collective, proposes a ski up Mount Rose. With our one snow dump melting away in warm temps, we give it a try. The first climb faces south, so we figure we have it made when hit our first view.

A peek at the ski area

Up higher the snow is totally frozen and we bust out the ice axes. Photo time!

A touch of hard snow

The last few hundred feet are rocky and wind scoured, but we have fine summit weather today.

Lunchtime for Juniper

The terrain

If I weren’t standing here looking fabulous I’d push me off.

You said summit

The crust was just melted enough to punch through on the way down. We both eat corn repeatedly, but are making turns by the end. Then we descend too early into Galena Creek and whack our way through aspen thickets back to the road. Woohoo!

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