A strange hike on Mount Davidson

Virginia City is interesting as an authentic-looking silver rush mining town and site of the Comstock lode. We breeze through looking for a hike, and find an unusual one.

It’s not too surprising to find an unsafe mine here.

Unsafe Mine

Or a steep power line road to a ridge with a nice view of the Washoe Valley.

Hiking the power line road

Looking over Washoe Valley

The 9/11 memorial on the summit of Mount Davidson is pretty unusual.

Memorial Mountaintop Sculpture

9-11-01 Memorial Rock

But the strangest sight of the day is a lone house burning down below. It seems fortunate the day isn’t too windy. Later a woman at the coffee house in town tells us a dog was rescued from the house and resuscitated.

House Burning Below

We see many piñon pines and junipers, but just one tiny Jeffrey pine.

Optmistic young Jeffrey Pind

A nice guy on an ATV tells us about the Jumbo Grade from Washoe valley to Virginia City, and takes our picture.

Us on the Jumbo Grade

On the descent the town is dominated by two big churches – much different than the strip of saloons, museums, and gaming parlours you see driving through.

Descent to pious Virginia City

2 responses to “A strange hike on Mount Davidson”

  1. Wow, I love that picture of you and Ann. Most people take such terrible pictures. That was a lucky shot. I stole it for my screenshot.

  2. I think the photographer knew what he was doing – he tried various tactics to get us to smile until something worked.

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