Castle Peak

It seems so clever to take advantage of dry, warm January weather to hike an easy peak with Ann and our friend Nick. At the trailhead we see only a few dozen other parties had the same idea. It turns out not to be that easy either, with much of the trail packed and slick. The staccato chirps of bodies hitting the ice becomes a common sound.

Road Snowpack

Ann hiking snow and sun

Nick and his border collie Chip make good use of the outing.

Nick and Chip doing their thing

We converge on the summit with a gaggle of teenagers and other groups.

Nick on Castle Peak

It’s windy and cold, but we hang out long enough to get our summit shots in.

Nick on Castle Peak

Castle Peak View

Ann, Chip, and Nick on Caste Peak

Dylan and Ann on Caste Peak

The chirps commence once more on the descent, but we seem to have improved our slippage technique and there are no serious tumbles. Before we know it we’re bidding the peak farewell and anticipating coffee.

Castle Peak Descent

Castle Peak

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