2011 – we come to rest in Reno

Twenty eleven was a “should we stay or should we go” year for Ann and I. The debate raged, and we settled on Reno, Nevada as a potential place to stay awhile. It was right between the mountains and the desert, and fairly central in the current distribution of Ann’s family. We came in May, Ann quickly got a job, and we settled in. While it doesn’t quite feel like home yet, I like Reno. Under the casinos that dominate the skyline there’s a lot of innovation and enthusiasm to be found here. I’ve tapped into that largely through the Reno Collective and Friends of Nevada Wilderness. I anticipate another year of new experiences as part of those groups.

Part of me misses living on the road, but mostly it’s a relief to have time to take care of my many projects without always scrambling for the next internet connection. I’d like to have a little more breathing room before I do that again.

Again I’ve kept some outdoor stats for the year (each bar is a week):

Hours Tracked (by GPS): 397.45000000000005

Hours Tracked

Outdoor Nights: 22|6


Miles on Foot: 731.4999999999998


Elevation Gain on Foot (ft): 170885


Rock Climbing Elevation Gain (ft): 2505


Miles by Bike: 170.8


Bike Elevation Gain (ft): 10082

Bike Elevation Gain (ft) Highpoint (ft)

Books Read: 18

Books Read

Movies Watched: 42

Movies Watched

Differences from last year: a little less of everything, but more evenly spread through the year. I definitely worked more, and I think my freelance productivity went up about the same amount as the outdoor numbers went down. It’s all been by choice, which I’m very thankful for, and hopeful that 2012 will be the same. Happy New Year!

4 responses to “2011 – we come to rest in Reno”

  1. I love your stats! What a great overall look at your life. You are going to be so glad you kept track of your life like this. I wish I had.

  2. Thanks! It’s fun to track a few things, and it prods me to make some useful software. I do see how a person could overdo it though. I hope to live first, and second make recording some things about easy enough to do without detracting from the actual living.

  3. but mostly it’s a relief to have time to take care of my many projects without always scrambling for the next internet connection.

    After 4 1/2 years on the road, I have to say that making sure we have an internet connection is our biggest stress inducer/drawback. It limits our campsites. I feel like we can’t spend more than a couple of days away from it. No heading out to a remote spot and just enjoying yourself for a couple of weeks. Telecommunting/Internet businesses allow for a lot of freedom, but you can never be too far from that signal.

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