Tamarack by the rules

We don’t get the snow I hoped for overnight, but reports from the ski area sound pretty good so I head to the hill again with Jock and Becky MacGregor. Ann’s parents offer to buy me a lift ticket as a Christmas gift, so I even play by the rules today! To reward this good deed we encounter a wet, semi-frozen crust on the lower mountain that’s like nothing I’ve ever tried to snowboard on. I go down three times on the first run, but then I start to get the feel of it. The conditions are so horrendous it’s funny, and it’s even kind of fun just to see if I can keep my head above my backside.

When they open the upper mountain we find great conditions in comparison, and Jock spends the remainder of the day showing me the lines up there. We even find a few pockets of powder.

Jock points out the seven devils

Tamarack summit closed terrain

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