Mid Hills Run

Today Ann and I split up – for a few hours. She does the 9 mile trail hike from the Hole in the Wall campground to Mid Hills, while I move the camper and run back to join her. This campground is high and airy, and I find a site with fantastic views.

Mid Hills campsite

Mid Hills rock formations

Cima Dome View

We meet as planned on the somewhat hard-to-follow trail between campgrounds. I notice this odd skewered lizard carcass in a bush. I read at the visitor center that Loggerhead shrikes kill lizards this way, and sometimes kill more than they can eat to show off to potential mates.

Skewered Lizard

Skewered Lizard

Then I run back to the campground. Running definitely doesn’t inspire photography, but it provides a different kind of fatigue that makes the final collapse at camp delectable.

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