Eagle Lake and Vikingsholm

Note: posted 19 days post-outing.

Twice now we’ve gone to the Emerald Bay trailheads on lake Tahoe to hike or climb and instead found ourselves fleeing crowds, mayhem, and full parking lots. A visit from our friend Peter prompts us to get up early on a chilly day to beat the rush and explore the area unmolested. Of course we also get an icy trail to contend with.

Eagle Falls Trailhead Sign

Icy Trail

We brave the ice as far as Eagle Lake, a pretty spot.

Peter at Eagle Lake

The descent is made even more treacherous by distracting views.

Lake Tahoe Peek


I learn that trees can be huggers too.

Hugger Tree

If you find a tree with a portal to another dimension, you’ll have nothing but trouble until you seal it off.

Wall Tree

We look out at Fannette Island in Emerald Bay with a little stone tea house on top.

Emerald Bay Teahouse Island

Peter and Ann at Emerald Bay

There’s an old Scandinavian-inspired summer mansion known as Vikingsholm here, built in 1929 and now part of Emerald Bay State Park. It’s full of interesting details. There is sod roofing, intricate masonry, stained glass, and detailed wood carving to admire.

Vikingsholm, Lake Side

Vikingsholm, North Side

Vikingsholm Stained Glass

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4 responses to “Eagle Lake and Vikingsholm”

  1. Hey, I’ve been to Emerald Bay State Park! I visited a friend at Lake Tahoe many years ago and he brought me there. I remember the huge Jeffrey Pines especially.

  2. Get there early when you go!

    Really I have no clue what’s going on with that tree. You’re probably right, maybe it was rotting out and they didn’t want to cut it down.

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