Ophir Creek Bushwhack

Ann and I are in the mood to gain some elevation today, but the past week’s snowstorm has me concerned about conditions at higher elevations. The Ophir creek trailhead starts at 5,000 feet, which I figure will keep us out of serious snow.

Ophir Creek Trailhead

There are some rose hips by the creek, but we don’t see big berry patches down here.

Rose Hips

The canyon is eroded and famous for big landslides.

Ann over ophir creek

The trail splits, and we follow what turns out to be the old route to Rock Lake.

Rock Lake

From there the old route exists only on the map, going up a steep hill across the fall line. We bushwhack it for fun. At the top we find the new trail where it follows a road and a bit of melting snow.

A little snow over 7,000 feet

Rock lake from above

The new trail down follows a longer but easier route through a nice rock garden.

Tiny tree in boulders

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