Stormed Off Castle Peak

Castle Peak rises just northeast of the intersection of Interstate 80 and the Pacific Crest Trail. We figure it will make a good day hike, but thunderstorms get there before we do.

Of course we see many interesting things anyway, including a couple of insects I haven’t seen before: a mourning cloak butterfly and a snakefly.

Mourning cloak butterfly

Snakefly profile

There are berries and flowers still: Red elderberry, pussypaws, canada goldenrod, and Lobb’s buckwheat.

Red Elderberry


Canada Goldenrod

Lobb's Buckwheat

The higher we go, the darker the clouds get. When the lightning arrives, we wait to see if will stop, then head down as the rain begins.

Cloud Activity

Whorled corn lily leaves

Traversing I-80 in the rain

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