Around Round Top Again

We liked last week’s Round Top hike so much that we invite our friend Grace and her friend Sharli return there with us to hike the scenic loop. The flowers are starting to fade a bit, and with them the mosquitoes, but there’s still plenty of life on display. The curiosity of our guests spurs me to identify a few new things.

Oceanspray, in the rose family, is one I don’t recall seeing last week.


Hoary buckwheat (buckwheat family)

Hoary Buckwheat

Mountain heather (heather family)

Mountain Heather

Rock fringe (evening primrose family) – another I hadn’t noticed before

Rock Fringe

Monument plant (gentian family)

Monument Plant

Western bistort (knotweed family)

Western Bistort

Happy hikers (hominid family)

Winnemucca Lake

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