Mount Edwards and Grays Peak Overnight

My dad suggests this overnight outing with an unusual approach to Grays Peak, the highest peak on the continental divide. We start in a valley to the west of the peak after six miles of bumpy road driving. Climbing meadows covered in wildflowers, we reach our last opportunity to camp just as thundershowers move in.

Hiking with wildflowers

Dad with wildflowers



The morning brings good weather for us to trudge up Mount Edwards, a peak west of Grays Peak on the divide. We’re greeted by a curious mountain goat who approaches us, then detours just below us, prancing across the cliff without concern.

Dad on Mount Edwards

Shaggy Goat

Goat on Cliff

The traverse over to Grays peak is slow going on a pleasantly craggy ridge. This is now part of the official continental divide trail. Clouds begin to build. We don’t meet other people until we reach the summit, which will probably be populated all day long. You can see many high peaks from here, including Mount Snowmass in the vicinity we plan to visit next week.

Grays Summit

Me and Dad on Grays Summit

Dad on Grays Summit

Me on Grays Summit

On the return trip we’re greeted by a whole family of goats on Mount Edwards. The weather holds, letting only a few drops of rain loose on us. We enjoy the flowers again on the descent, reaching Dad’s truck with rubbery legs.

Three Goats

Yellow Paintbrush

Old Man of the Mountain

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5 responses to “Mount Edwards and Grays Peak Overnight”

  1. Nice post! We saw mtn goat fur, but not the beasts, and some of the same wildflowers up by Yale. Looks like a nice variation to Grays! Cheers.

  2. Lovin the wildflowers. Especially the first photo. How cool is it that you and your dad get to make those kind of trips together? Very!

    So far, the the only time we are been able to see goats is from the bottom of a mountain with binoculars. They were 1000s of feet up and appeared as white specks with legs.


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