Echo Lake Hike

It’s supposed to be hot today and I’m inspired to go further into the mountains. We negotiate the west shore of Lake Tahoe, which is totally mobbed, especially at Emerald Bay, continuing to Echo Lake, a small lodge I remember as the one Pacific Crest Trail resupply point where our package never showed up in 1996. Today the road is still drifted over with snow. The lake is much like I remember, alpine with a few houses along the shores, but today I take more notice of the rock formations that are home to some nice looking climbing routes.

Snow Drifts on Echo Lake Road

Me at the PCT Crossing

Ann on Echo Lake

Lake Tahoe View

2 responses to “Echo Lake Hike”

  1. Nope, no one had hauled their gear in over the drifts. Most of the routes looked short but good, and there are a few multipitch routes on Flagpole Peak, the biggest formation.

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