Black Rock Playa Hike

It seems wrong to leave the Black Rock desert without hiking on the playa, so we chart a loop with a leg on the surface. Distances here are always longer than they appear at first, and our simple little loop keeps us busy for a few hours. The cyclical bursts of wind continue, but the periods of sun in between are graciously longer today.

Hiking toward the Calicos

In places the playa feels great with bare feet, and other areas areas have a sharp gravel coating.

Feet on the Playa

If you need a little breathing space, the playa has it.


Playa Invert

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  1. This place is so huge – trucks stuck on the playa look like specks. Burning Man is usually held further south, but I think they probably do clean it up well. One of the board members gave a little talk, and I learned that they now do a full Environmental Assessment for the event, which they expect to top 50,000 people this year.

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