Calico Wilderness Road Rehab

Rain and cold wind oscillate through the night, but the morning brings some serenity.

Playa Sunrise

Snow on the Granite Range

The weather is still not exactly balmy, but the hardy conservation project leaders are undaunted. I sign up with Sandy from the BLM to do some road rehabilitation in the Calico wilderness area. Here’s what we start with:

Road Rehab – Before

The first attempt was a less obtrusive flexible signpost, but it was ignored. Now the burlier pipe barrier has been ignored also. Our goal is to make circumventing the pipes less attractive. Ultimately the hope is that the tracks will regrow and the pipes can be removed. Here’s what we accomplish:

Road Rehab – During

Road Rehab – After

After our work we hike to a small cave for lunch, then install a few more pipe barriers before heading back.

Rock Patina

Cave Playa View

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  1. I did, but came out again when we disturbed some bats. It was pretty dusty and sooty in there – not too tempting as a new residence.

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