Back on Bikes

The bikes are equipped and tuned again! We take them out for a wandering outing around Nampa, and remember why we miss riding. We get some exercise, greet people, explore places we haven’t been before, and watch the sky for rain. A bike engages you in the world in many good ways.

2 responses to “Back on Bikes”

  1. Nice job on your tour website. Looks like you had quite an experience. I did a perimeter trip back in 82-83 with 14,070 miles. I am from MN and got to Alaska on one corner, down to Mexico, over to Florida and up to Newfoundland. Adventure of a lifetime.
    Looking forward to reading the rest of your journal.

  2. Welcome.

    Alaska seems like a massive addition, more logistics than the rest of the trip combined!

    It’s funny – I haven’t done another bike tour since the perimeter, which was my first, but we may go for #2 this summer…

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