Halverson Lakes Hike

We’re in need of a good hike. I had my wisdom teeth pulled last week and have been off my feet, dragging Ann down with me. This hike turns out to be full of surprises and leaves us feeling tired but not wrecked. It begins at Celebration Park on the Snake River, a park full of encamped boy scouts. Once we’re on the trail the recede into the distance and are replaced with egglike lava boulders everywhere. A sign tells us they were deposited here 15,000 years ago in the Bonneville Flood.

Lava Boulders

On a shelf of land above the river we find the Halverson lakes, some ruins, and a sizable sand dune.

Ruin, Dune, Cliff

The dune is irresistible, so we climb for nice views back over the river to the Owyhee mountains.

Dune, River, Mountains

The dune makes a nice snack spot, and collects animal tracks nicely.

Ann on the dune

Dune Tracks

We stop at one of the lakes so Sandy (Ann’s mom’s dog) can drink. The lake is surrounded by burrs, and foolishly we continue. Sandy gets a drink and few dozen burrs in her fur. She’s a good sport though, and is actually pretty good at pulling them out.

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