Shadow Mountain Tour

I remember this long, gentle, snowy trail from a trip with my dad in 2007, and I’m happy to have the chance to share it with Ann. It’s situated right across the valley from the Grand Teton, providing almost ridiculous mountain views.

Entering Teton National Forest

Teton Trail View

Tetons with cloud divide

By the time we reach the ridge, clouds have moved in to make the light play in the valley as we play on the hill.

Shrouded Tetons

5 responses to “Shadow Mountain Tour”

  1. i seem to recall you impishly mewling a few years back before a snow outing that ” .. *sob* this could be our ‘winter’”. like you’d ingested too much of ol’ handjob Al’s brain dead BS.

    well.. enjoy the snow. but don’t worry; it won’t be your last!

    • That was when it was warm out. Now that it’s cold, I can’t deny that global warming is a hoax. Now I’m determined to make the most of the warmth this summer, because it may be my last!

  2. dylan, i will never not love you (well, ann mostly). i might not not hate you. but that is for a different kind of forum. shit… i coozed up the musik box.. hold yer chocha.

    i get dismissed by YOU, and just about everyone else as being a type of “Hey, i’ll pick it up later”. and what is ironic is that you can. but hey, i’da love to have seen you 2 last road trip out. you blew that. 🙁

    so many hugs. so many kisses. none of which r 4 u dyl, darling.

    i hart u 2. piles of love.

    – ted

    ps.. summer are better. let me teach you ’bout surfing sometime.

  3. Maybe not a bad idea… but I am really disappointed that our early departure overrode our plan to visit you. Still looking forward to correcting that if you’ll have us! I understand if there are no kisses for me as a consequence of my snarky sarcasm…

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