Wyoming CDT Route Added to OpenStreetMap

Continental Divide Trail hikers already have a superb map resource, the one I’ve used on all my hikes, Jonathan Ley’s CDT-ROM. He’s been providing an incredible service to hikers for nearly a decade, and I’ll use his maps as long as he’ll make them and I can hike them. I’ve given him data and feedback from my hikes, but recently I’ve been enjoying adding trails to the OpenStreetMap, and I thought it would be nice to have the CDT data I’ve collected published there also. Currently it would take a lot of work to print a whole set of maps from this source, but it adds at least part of the CDT to online sources like Lonvia’s World Hiking Map and the lovely OpenCycleMap.org. You can even go to Walking Papers and use the CycleMap background to get a nice printable PDF of any area you like. I’m sure the resources will only improve, and others will add all the wonderful lengths of trail that I have no data for (yet) 🙂

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