Rocky Knob Loop

The Blue Ridge Parkway is quite close to Randy’s house, so he knows just where to go when we ask for a small hike. We wind up to the ridge for a few tantalizing views, but the first half of the trail wends through the woods, where old cabins have a tendency to disappear and leave their chimneys behind.


Nathaniel examines chimney

Maple Leaf

The return trip on the ridge supplies views out over the Piedmont and bits of rocky ridge poking up through the grassy meadows. Perfect place for a headstand.



About halfway through the hike we find interesting spiny nut casings. Randy’s son Nathaniel manages to carry one of these all the way back to the car.

Nathaniel and Ann

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  1. Thanks Jenn! We did our best to appreciate the Appalachians, but eventually gave in to homesickness for dry climates and wide open spaces…

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