Tobico Marsh Relay

When visiting Mom in Bay City, Michigan I always make it out to Tobico Marsh State Park for a hike, but some extra research from Ann adds the twist that it should be possible to reach the park from town on rail trails. To get the distances right, Ann sets out on foot while Mom and I drive to the trailhead.

Tobico Trailhead

I run along behind Mom on her bike while she scans the woods for mushrooms on our usual loop trail.

Honey Mushroom

After our loop Ann walks up the road having successfully navigated the rails trail. Now it’s my turn to find my way back to town.

The great Bay City rail trails are part the of growing rails-to-trails conservancy. I hope to see most of the trails in the area before we head east for Vermont next week.

It’s already starting to get cold and the leaves are turning and blowing along the ground. We’re hoping there’s no early cold snap waiting around the corner for us.

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