Platte River Beach

My uncle Dewey takes us to this popular local fishing and sunset viewing spot. The Platte River flows into Lake Michigan here. We figure the salmon must be running now, because people are arriving with small boats and fishing from the sandy shoreline.

Salmon Fishers

Even the local dogs are fishing here.

Dog Waits for Strike

It’s a good place to find birds and butterflies. A cormorant flies by, and Dewey tells us they don’t like them here because they compete with large fish for the smaller ones. He also identifies a Wood Nymph butterfly on a tree for us.

Wood Nymph

People gather to watch the sinking sun before leaving the fishers to their chilly work.


There’s rain headed our way, which may keep us indoors more until we cross the state to stay at my mom’s on the Lake Huron side in Bay City.

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