Rapid River Romp

We make it into Michigan! Even though there haven’t been nearly as many state and national forest campgrounds as we’re used to, we’ve discovered plenty of city and county campgrounds to take their place. Often we just follow signs, and only once did we not find a spot until after dark, and that was after passing up some county parks earlier.

As we expected, it hasn’t been obvious where to do our “sanity” walk or run each day, so we just hike the nicest looking road we can find. Today I drive ahead to Rapid River and run back towards Gladstone while Ann walks the whole stretch. Lake Shore drive is at least quiet if not really on the shore, and I find a fun little nature trail through the deep woods to add some variety.

We have a tip from freecampsites.net for a place to stay tonight, and then we’ll be parking with family for a while. Next challenge – keep up the sanity hikes while working and visiting family!

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