Black Hills – Sunday Gulch

Our camper will most definitely not fit through an 8 foot 7 inch tunnel, so we hang a four-point Uey on highway 87 and find a pullout. Good fortune and some exploration brings us to the Sunday Gulch trail, a good hike through some of the rocky needles country.


We reach the trail

We hike through ponderosa forest with sparkly mica in the rocks and dirt. We only get glimpses of rocky spires until we’re almost on top of them.

Above the outlets

The rocks rise gracefully from the waters of Sylvan Lake.

Sylvan Lake

So much so, that not much had to be done to create a dam.

Sylvan Dam

The descent down the bouldery Sunday gulch is assisted by iron rails bent like spaghetti.

Sunday Gulch

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  1. Always a pleasure! The regular trailhead for this trail is in Custer State Park, which has a day use fee, but longer trails connect from a nice network of trails in the surrounding (free) national forest.

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