Back to the trailhead

And for our last day: rain! Our minds turn to ethnic food as we trudge back down the hill, then drive back to our Denver starting point.

If you like, you can read posts from this two-week trip from the beginning.

Back at the Trailhead

Despite some difficult conditions, I love the idea of hiking trips with somewhat arbitrary start and end points. I hope I can afford to take more of them!

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4 responses to “Back to the trailhead”

  1. At last! I get to read about your trip. What a pleasant hour I’ve spent sharing your wonderful adventure, though a bit awkward as I tried to read it from the beginning. Thanks for the wonderful blogs.

  2. What was your favorite section of the hike?

    I’m looking for a nice weekend backpack I can do with an approx newbee, within 2-3 hours of Denver…With all your experience, I thought you might have some good feedback! Ideas for Clare?

  3. I love being up on the continental divide, so I might pick the stretch from Guanella Pass over to Silver Mountain as my favorite. Maybe not the best newbie material, though, with the high altitude factors. There are other good hikes from Guanella Pass – a trip to Abyss Lake might make a good weekend. Also the South Park trail looked cool, and provides access to some nice looking places.

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