Guller Creek to Tenessee Pass

We’re now following the Colorado Trail, and we start meeting more hikers. Some have been hiking the trail as long as we’ve been out, and will continue towards Durango from here.

Kokomo Pass provides a nice view of the giant Climax mine, whose tailings reservoir drowned the town of Kokomo where Pete’s dad once lived while working as a miner.

Pete on Kokomo Pass

On our way down Cataract Creek some hikers point out this picturesque cataract, which I missed the last time I was through here.

Cataract on cataract creek

We hike for a while with Bo, here examining the old bunkers at Camp Hale, an old 10th mountain division munitions training area.

Camp Hale Bunkers

At Tenessee Pass Ann meets us, and I’m home again for a night.

Home on Tenessee Pass

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