Book: Cold Mountain / Charles Frazier

The subject of love and war in a Civil War setting are not my usual interests, and so it took some effort to get into the story. The effort was rewarded with a telling full of finely crafted details. A reverence for the natural world permeates the writing and resonates with me, even though the Appalachian setting is mostly unfamiliar. The form of the story provides the framework for all this detail, and this never wanders too far from the familiar.

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  1. Charles Frazier is an amazing writer. It also took me a second library loan to finally read Cold Mountain, but then I liked it so much that I read Thirteen Moons, which came out three years later, and liked that one even better.

    There’s an article in the latest New Yorker (May 17 issue) that I made me think of you more and more as I got into it. It’s “The Inventor’s Dilemma,” an inventor (who I think is exactly your age) whose thoughtful and imaginative look at fixes for our environmental and energy problems bring their challenges.

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