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Since I’ve discovered that minimalist footwear helps me run without injury, I’ve been slowly increasing my range. Today, almost without realizing it, I break the 10 mile mark for the first time. It’s a cool, breezy, cloudy day that’s a little too cold standing still, but feels great in motion. I’m still curious to explore more trails in the Red Cliffs desert reserve, and each new trail draws me a little further. Early on I run a mile or so barefoot, but my feet are still a little tender today and I feel more relaxed in my Vibrams. My pace feels easy most of the way, once or twice almost effortless. Toward the end I start to feel the stiffening at the boundary between my quads and hips that usually limits my running. I arrive home knowing I’ve pushed things, but I’m still quite surprised at the total from the GPS track: 13.7 miles, more than half a marathon. Woohoo!

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  1. dude. almost 14 miles with only minimal pain? that’s it. i’m getting some vibrams.

    congrats on the half marathon.

  2. Hey that’s great. I sort know how it feels, that second wind and feeling like flying…when I was just about your age, I was running 7 or 8 easy miles. Probably the most I’ve done is 10. I’ve never done anything physically since that felt as good. What put an end to it was a case of heat prostration…I ran in very high heat and equally high humidity and it did me in. Running can become an addiction, and I just had to run that day even though I knew I shouldn’t. Sigh. Anyway, I’m so glad you are enjoying this.

  3. Thanks! This is really an unexpected discovery for me – I never imagined I’d do such a thing much less enjoy it.

    I really credit the barefoot running more than the Vibrams. I wouldn’t have figured out the right kind of movement or pace in just the Vibrams. Going barefoot kind of forced me discard ideas of distance in favor of staying loose and listening to my body, which ironically eventually enabled me to cover more distance. Even if I don’t run more than this, I hope I can hang on to that lesson.

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