Book: Myths to Live By / Joseph Campbell

I’d like to make reading Joseph Campbell a habit. Ideally every two years or less, I think. Some part of my psyche, hungry for juicy mythologies to consume, is deeply satisfied by his expressions. This book is a compilation of lectures he gave at the Cooper Union during the 1960’s and early 70’s. He’s a little freer to be critical in this forum, and enough time has passed to see where some of his criticisms have borne out and others have not, which adds humanity to Campbell’s sometimes overly sage persona. He even takes aim at a “nature boy” stereotype that hits close to home for me, even though my ego immediately begins to explain to me how I’m different.

In general, Campbell’s ideas are just good stimulation and a somewhat comforting reminder that our personal journeys through inevitable suffering and death are all heroic and full of potential.

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