Lake Havasu City Party Zone

Ann convinces me to go with her to the Lake Havasu City beach, where boats can dock and alcohol consumption is allowed. I’m still in my desert canyon hiking clothes, and couldn’t be more out of place. Nearly everyone around is overweight, and it is ALL hangin’ out on display. We see a crowd of girls on a boat flash some young boys on scooters who throw them mardi gras beads, then boogie when the police come to lecture the girls (who couldn’t care less). On the inland side, I become unexpectedly fascinated by remote control car races. It seems way more action packed than racing full size cars, and probably a lot more fuel efficient! If there is one overriding theme in this city, it is motorized recreation. Recreational vehicles loaded with off-road vehicles tow water vehicles loaded with remote control vehicles. We feel conservative driving our empty F-350 diesel around.

I come away with a little education: don’t forget that there is wide gulf between life in a truck out in the desert and mainstream culture. It might be wise to consciously remind ourselves what’s going on in that other world now and then.

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  1. Oh, I don’t think the party life you saw at Lake Havasu is “mainstream culture!” It’s been a long time since I flashed somebody for Mardi Gras beads.

  2. Just like Vedauvoo! Rock climbers live in tents or trucks while those I shall call “recreators” have the RV with the trailer towing all their toys. Rock climbers are there to climb rocks. “Recrators” are there for four-wheelin’, shootin’, jeepin’, mountain bikin’, drinkin’, …

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