Saddle Mountain

We’re still developing a sense of when to turn around when exploring dirt roads to possible camping and climbing areas. Today we’re headed toward Courthouse Rock when the road goes to dirt, then gets bumpy, then narrows, then gets sandy. Turning around in these areas with camper and trailer is not easy, so we when a good turnaround appears we use it, and I don’t regret it afterward.

We return to a BLM area we passed on the way, Saddle Mountain. There isn’t any climbing that we know about here, but the roads look nice for running, so we go out in the evening.

Ann on foot near Saddle Mountain

Nearing our turn around point I’m just hitting my stride when a hiss and rattle right next to the road sends me skyward. So much for the snake handler’s advice to freeze when you’ve stepped near a rattlesnake, but at least I can see I’m now well out of the strike zone.

Western Diamondback Rattlesnake

After that my attention sharpens, but the remainder of the outing is peaceful. After the sun sets I look back towards Courthouse Rock. A lone factory looks like a steamship chugging along an ancient desert sea.

The long day is over

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