A Vegan Restaurant: Lovin’ Spoonfuls

I’ve been eating vegan for well over a year, and still haven’t been to a fully vegan restaurant. Today we get on the bikes and head for my first. Ah, I never realized what a nice feeling it is to consider an entire menu freely. I guess it’s not surprising that many of the items are things we often cook ourselves. We don’t have a fryer though, so fries make the cut, and some veggie egg rolls. The menu has a lot of soy-based meat substitutes, which aren’t usually my favorite, but the azuki bean burger tastes great without pretending too hard to be meat. Dessert is a wedge of dense carrot cake, an experience that I would make the bike ride back to repeat by itself.

The place itself is not all hippied out as I thought it might be. It looks like a any suburban family diner might. It doesn’t play up the vegan angle much at all – I wonder if some part of clientele never catches on.

It’s the first weekend of spring, there’s a big airshow going on over the southeast quadrant of Tucson, the sun is shining, and everybody is out. A good day for some casual biking and eating out.

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