Pima Canyon Peramble

Another trailhead in the midst of posh houses takes us through an easement corridor and into the alternately rocky and lush Pima Canyon. Our goal for the evening is “the dam”, a waypoint 3.2 miles up the canyon. I run ahead, getting some barefoot time in, until the peace of the place overcomes me and I stop to wait for Ann on a sunny rock table. I let the moments pass listening to flowing water, soaking up sun, with no pressure to do anything immediate. I can feel my batteries charging, I’m storing energy for use in my work and daily life. I can feel that this is the source of balance in my life. Ann shows up looking immersed in peace as well, and together we continue right past the “dam” without seeing it. When we turn around for lack of time, another hiker points out the structure that is now a small stonework waterfall. Once more, we return to the trailhead in the dark.

Hawk and Cottonwoods

Foot and Creek

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