Book: Sahara / Paula Constant

I’m very fortunate to have helped Paula Constant with her website (where you can order her books), because it would be too easy to miss out on her journey, and that would be a real loss. The thing that makes this book so gripping (aside from plain good writing) is that when Paula begins, she begins with challenges I can relate to, which is often missing in accounts from outdoor superheroes. Struggles with relationships, planning, and funding our dreams are things almost any outdoor person will face. The fact that Paula has an extraordinary dream to walk across the Sahara slowly forces her trials further and further into the realm of adventure, even to the brink of sanity, and she takes us along the whole way. It’s gritty and visceral, yet for anyone who has ever been enchanted by the desert, undeniably alluring. I thank Paula for keeping it real for us in this impressive book.

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  1. Mr Cyberhobo,

    Thanks so much for such a lovely entry about ‘Sahara’ – and even more for my wonderful website. Now I just wish I was out there adventuring with you both…ah well, next year, I hope. Thankyou both for being such good mates.

    Have fun

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