First Nomad Night in the Socorro Box

It seems a little too easy to leave Santa Fe with all our possessions when Ann gets off work on Friday, and it is. But we’re eager to go before the next round of predicted snowstorms roll in, and we’re unbearably excited about our nomadic future. So we fill tanks and head south, everything apparently in order.

The one part of our setup that isn’t entirely familiar at this point is our 6×10-foot cargo trailer. I created anchors on the front to mount our recumbent bikes on, and I do my best to batten down the contents. Thankfully the bike mounts hold, but when we open the trailer after the final bumpy dirt road into the Socorro Box, we see a pile of overturned bins and clothes. Quickly we close the door again and head up the road on foot under a brilliant moonrise for some excercise.

In the morning the mess is not as bad as it looked before, and we try again to fix things in place. We’d like to climb a little, but there’s a frigid wind blowing, so we get back on the road headed south.

Our Rig in the Socorro Box

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