Book: The Road / Cormac McCarthy

This book kind of leaves me speechless. The setting is so bleak, it’s tempting to give up on it, but the characters don’t give up so I didn’t. Maybe that’s what it’s about – removing all reason to hope, looking at one father-son relationship, and seeing what’s left. And being forced to admit that hope can survive without reason, and what’s left can still have beauty even if the world’s beauty is stifled to the brink of existence. And imagining such a world helps us appreciate all we have, and all we can lose.

2 responses to “Book: The Road / Cormac McCarthy”

  1. You’re not kidding. You WERE speechless. I asked about the book, when you finished it, and you had no words. (He had to tell me later that he’d reviewed it, so I could know what he thought.)

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