Ski My Valentine

I usually shy away from repeating outings, but I must admit that I improve and learn things when I do it. I’ve always been impressed with how friendly people here are to us, the uphill traveling minority. At other areas we’re subjected to the endlessly witty, “You’re going the wrong way!”, all day long. Here people tend to just smile or wish us a good run. Today a ski patroller stopped me to let me know that every year on the equinox they host “Ascensionist Day”, an all-levels race up the hill and down again. I’m sorry I won’t get to participate – “ascensionist” sounds so respectable!

Ann wants to work on her turns, so she goes in for a half-day lift ticket with friends Wes and Marize. I decide to see how many laps I have in me. One before lunch and one after feel great, and I even pound out a decent line down the Fall Line bump run. By the end of my third climb, though, there’s been a transfiguration, and my Ass is now a Dragon. The last run is still good, and we gather in the camper afterward for snacks, beers, and some incredibly good valentine chocolates that Marize got at the Chocolatesmith. Yum.

I missed one of my 3 laps with the GPS, so you’ll just have to trust me that there were 3 🙂

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