Ski Basin Laps

We’re “embracing the snow” while we can before we head south. I truly enjoy huffing up the ski area under my own power just to bomb down again. Ann may be doing it more for the exercise, but that’s good too. I get two laps in while it snows just enough to keep the bumps soft.

Climbing between snow flurries

2 responses to “Ski Basin Laps”

  1. I have really enjoyed your last couple of posts and the pictures that accompanied them.

    They do make me a tad green with jealously, though. I picked up some K2s in a thrift store in Fairbanks, Alaska and haven’t had a chance to try them out yet.

    Are you not having any problems with your knee while skiing? Johnny has almost completely given up on skiing due to his knees.

    Keep up the fun 🙂

  2. Hey Jenn, thanks! Sounds like we need to cross paths at some point…

    I haven’t had my knee act up yet. I think climbing the hill under my own power increases my variety of motions and keeps me from pounding bumps all day. I’m actually on a split board – peek at my old video if you haven’t seen one:

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