A Cloudier Heaven Hill

Aaron takes me up the mountain for another lap on Heaven Hill. Conditions are cloudier and a little cooler today. Our route takes us up to the top of Raven’s Ridge after leaving the ski area, where we start to feel the bite of some wind.

Treeline on Raven's Ridge

The ridge has changed quite a bit. There’s a little more snow, some ice, and rime coats the rocks. The clouds only give us a peek out here and there.

Lake Peak Ridge

After a slightly more difficult traverse than last week, we hit our hill in snow as good or better than before. We break to the left side today, which ends in a bowl that is just a foot of snow short of perfect. Bumping a couple of rocks under the surface is a small price for the powdery goodness.

We return to the parking just as Ann arrives with our home! Life is working out pretty nicely.


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  1. Aren’t I a good wifey? How many wives do you know that would bring the HOUSE to the HUSBAND?? (And don’t forget the hot coffee, sorry, no brandy).

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