Moonlight Skiing

Ann notices that this may be our last full moon in Santa Fe and plans a moonlight ski, hoping we get better weather than the last time, which was very cold and dark. We start up too early, and climb in the dark once more, but at least under clear skies this time. I lose my way once, taking us on to slopes too steep to climb on frozen snow. But, by the time the moon rises, we’re nearly up.

Moonrise Behind Lift

My pictures don’t do the moonlight justice, but nice soft snow in the gentle light makes for a serene ride down. We don’t want it to end.

Ann's Moonshadow

At the bottom we’re a little delirious. Another couple skis up to us while we try in vain to take a self portrait, and I don’t even notice that one of them is missing an arm. Well, not really, but I’ll realize my mistake later. Tonight we retreat happily to our home in the parking lot and climb in bed.

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