Frostbite for the New Year?

The weather is gorgeous for our first day of the year – sunny and well above freezing. We head up with Brooke to the Dorothy Stewart trail, which is high enough to be almost fully snow covered. Lately all I want to do is experiment with barefoot hiking, so I decide to see how my tender dogs like the snow.

I guess other people do this regularly, but it seems risky to me! I manage a couple of miles, and never lose color or movement in my toes, but they definitely go totally numb. I give them frequent hand warmings to encourage circulation, and finally use my better judgment and put on my shoes. It was a fun but slightly scary experiment! I think I’ll stick to mostly dry ground for now.

Happy new year to everyone and their feet, however shod they are!

2 responses to “Frostbite for the New Year?”

  1. I actually wore on this hike when I came to my senses. But I am having trouble with them – they’re hurting the underside of my heel. I think the sole is uneven there, and I may try trimming it. But the full-body feeling is best with no shoes at all!

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