Snow Break

It’s becoming a tradition for us to get covered in snow when driving to Ann’s parents’ place in Nampa, Idaho. This year we make it to Rupert, where we decide to wait out a snowstorm at an RV park on the Snake River. It’s cold, but we force ourselves to go out for a walk down to the water.


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4 thoughts on “Snow Break

  1. I hope your camper handled the cold better than ours. I don’t think that -16F is taken into consideration when they put the “4 Season Camper” sticker on the door.

    Happy New Year!

  2. Ours is by no means a 4 season camper – systems failure begins at about 20°F. This time temps were above that, but the wind made it feel colder.

    We wonder if we’d be able to start our generator in a cold emergency. If so, we could run the heat and warm the truck engine at least.

    Happy new year to you too – you may hear more from us soon!

  3. Good to know, thanks! Our generator is an old gas-powered Generac, I think. I hope it will prove worth it’s weight someday – it certainly isn’t as nice as the quiet little Hondas.

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