Movie: Coraline (2008)

I’m usually disappointed in child fantasy movies as an adult because at some point they stop observing the reasons for child fantasies and just churn through a simple plot with lots of pretty colors (the stop-motion animation in this film is really cool). This movie got our hopes up in the first half, but fell into the usual end game. The only example I can think of that maintained a really interesting perspective all the way through is Pan’s Laybryinth, which I don’t think I could even watch again because of the gut-wrenching gore – an indication that it was a child fantasy movie for only adults. I can’t think of anything that tops Alice in Wonderland for both kids and adults.

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  1. I saw Coraline and I agree. I also saw UP, in the theater with the very cool 3-D glasses, and it was the same story: the first half was fresh and original, but the last half was the same old story, very predictable. But at least the 3-D really works with UP. Something different from the old kind of 3-D. I’d heard about the Pan’s Labyryinth gore, so I decided I could live without that one. Yes, Alice in Wonderland has never been topped. There’s even a mushroom in it, if I recall.

  2. Too bad about UP – while Pixar didn’t top Alice either, they were on a pretty good roll for a while. And you won’t see any mushrooms, I bet!

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