Heron Lake

Ann has been wanting to go to Heron Lake forever, but I always drag my feet because I’m uncomfortable with water-oriented activities. I wish I knew what my problem is – I can swim and usually have fun once I get started, and water activities are usually in great outdoor places, just like climbing! Heron lake is definitely one such place, with amazing views of the Brazos Cliffs to the northeast. We fill up our inner tubes and I verify for myself and Ann that I can still swim. We spend a blissful night catching up on our sleep. We go on a meandering walk, and then a more ambitious swim, which verifies for me that I can swim, just not well. I need the tube to catch my breath every minute or so. Ann is able to swim without the tube most of the way back – which seems totally impossible to me.

We leave before heavy rain in fear of mud, but wish we had stayed to spend another quiet night. Driving Monday morning can’t be any worse than Sunday evening, right?

Brazos Cliffs by Mrs. Cyberhobo

Our meander (I wish I could map the swim!):

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