Book: All the Pretty Horses / Cormac McCarthy

I was skeptical of this, not being a horse person, but it hooked me in other ways. Desert and mountain landscapes, the impulsive walkabouts of youth, curiosity about Mexico, a smattering of Spanish, and the novelty of a western that doesn’t take place in the old west all kept me reading. It was grittier than I thought it would be. The rewards include some interesting cultural perspectives and a little peek into the history of our neighbor.

2 responses to “Book: All the Pretty Horses / Cormac McCarthy”

  1. be sure to read his entire catalog. ‘blood meridian’ and ‘the crossing’—the other two in this trilogy are excellent. as are ‘no country for old men’ and ‘the road’.

    the violence. the austere beauty of the desert. the ways in which people interact with each other and the landscape. the way his language reflects all of these things. he’s a brilliant genius.

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