Day 29 – Shoshone Lake to Old Faithful

The theme of the day is set by our fantasies of food at our destination: french fries at Old Faithful. There is plenty to distract us from our obsession during the day, though, with the bubbling and steaming attractions of the Shoshone Geyser Basin and refreshing conversation with Steven and Kristen, who are out on a day hike. They’ve just quit their jobs and set off in their pop-up camper to travel and live outdoors with no set itinerary, which definitely gets them the cyberhobo stamp of approval. We reach the Lone Star geyser just as it’s erupting, a stroke of good luck as the wait can be 3 hours.

The final leg to Old Faithful goes quickly, and soon we’re approaching a cluster of huge buildings across a roaring highway. We’re soon negotiating traffic and crowds of people to the cafeteria, where we revel in the day’s destination. I manage a pretty good vegan feast with a tossed salad, vegetarian chili, and giant potato wedges. We eat ourselves into oblivion, watch Old Faithful erupt over thousands of heads, then meet Bob at the visitor center. Our night is spent at another bustling metropolis – the 400-space Grants Village campground, where we fall asleep to the din of countless campfire gatherings.

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