Day 22 – Two Ocean Mountain to Brooks Lake

A little more cross country gets us onto an old trail that leads us to the road to Togwotee Pass. Lest we have a day of easy hiking, we attempt to find an alternate trail to Brooks Lake and spend half the route bushwhacking to a high, spectacular gap near Sublette Mountain. From there we do find trail to follow to Brooks Lake, where we wait with many mosquitoes while Ann and Bob make their way through massive construction on the Togwotee Pass road to pick us up and take us to Jackson where we have to wait for our Yellowstone Backcountry Permit to kick in.

2 responses to “Day 22 – Two Ocean Mountain to Brooks Lake”

  1. Wow, Dylan, how great to be getting news again. I can’t believe how far you’ve gotten…to Yellowstone! It’s good to think of you out there where you have always seemed so happy.

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